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January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great new years eve.

With Christmas over I’m finally able to share what I made for presents this  last year. I always give homemade christmas presents to my grandmother and my mom and dad. It is kind of a tradition. This year I also made presents for 4 of my friends. Three of these presents were a surplice and I had a lot of fun sneaking the presents into their bags and homes without them noticing.

I hope these gifts can give you some inspiration for future presents.

Harry Potter mix

Ok, this gift is very nerdy, I know. But that is ok since we are talking Harry Potter, isn’t it? Haha. Two of my great friends love the Harry Potter stories as much as I do and I had been wanting to make something Harry Potter-like for a some time (just because I’m a huge fan and nerd), so I thought why not give them a Harry Potter inspired gift.

I made three small gifts:

Great gift idea! A Harry Potter inspired package. Cup with The Grimm, a jar of U-No-Poo and a golden snitch. - The Smoothie Lover


Ballet shoe cookies

My good friend Marie loves ballet as I do. I just wanted to give her a little thing and then I remembered this picture I once saw on Pinterest of some incredibly cute cookies. Inspired by this post.

Ballerina shoe cookies - The Smoothie Lover


Homemade herbed salts and sugars

For my grandmother who loves cooking (I think I’ve gotten the love for cooking from her). I made tree small jars of salt and sugar

Easy peasy gift.

Great gift idea! Homemade herbed salts Great gift idea! Homemade herbed salts


Hot chocolate on a stick

This one was tricky; I was to make a gift for my friend, that didn’t cost anything. I ended up giving her 8 of these sticks and a tea cup (which I already had on hand) which I wrote on with a sharpie and then burned in the oven. A good and cheap gift idea.

Hot chocolate on a stick. Great gift idea! Hot chocolate on a stick. Great gift idea!

Did you make your own presents? And what did you make?


Looking forward to tomorrow where I have a recipe on healthy truffles to share.

December 4, 2013

Easy cute Manilla Tags | The Smoohie Lover #DIY #Christmas

Happy December!

I hope you’ve all had a great start of this lovely month. I certainly have – though it has been so busy. Today I’ve been at the University of Copenhagen the entire day. These days there are a big conference called An Open World – Science, Technology and Society in the Light of Niels Bohr’s Thoughts in the occasion for celebrating the 100th anniversary of the discovery of the atomic model by the Danish scientist Niels Bohr (whoa, that was a looong sentence). The title pretty much sums up the subject. My good friend Karen and I had exclusively gotten a ticket through The Academy for Talented Youth (which I’ve told about here).

It was a great experience. And I felt so grown up by walking around all those professors with my very own name badge. I had to put a picture of in on Instagram ;)

Easy cute Manilla Tags | The Smoohie Lover #DIY #Christmas Easy cute Manilla Tags | The Smoohie Lover #DIY #Christmas

The first of December was spend the perfect way:

Our family is in a big group of friends who all meet once in a while (parents as well as children). Each year in December we meet at one of the families in the northern part of Zealand, where we eat Apple-skivers (a typical Danish christmas treat), drink glögg (another Danish christmas treat) and craft. It is SO cozy!

Easy cute Manilla Tags | The Smoohie Lover #DIY #Christmas Easy cute Manilla Tags | The Smoohie Lover #DIY #Christmas

I love that day of the year. Best way to spend an afternoon!

This year I made these lovely manilla tags. They are so easy to make and look just lovely. I can’t wait to put them on my presents this year. I have to start thinking a little more about presents by the way.

So, how to do? Simply take some plain manilla tags. Glue some pretty christmas pictures on them (in Denmark “glansbilleder” (which are small shiny drawings) are very popular and easy to get your hands on – every little girl collects them and you can buy them everywhere – but I don’t know the name for them in english. My dictionary says it is called “scraps”, but I’m not sure that is the right word. Anyways – every pretty picture or sticker could do it). Finish with some twine.

Tadaa! Easy and pretty.

You could possibly sprinkle a bit of glitter on them. It is christmas after all.

Have a great December!

Easy cute Manilla Tags | The Smoohie Lover #DIY #Christmas

October 30, 2013

Up-cyckle an old tree stump with just a little bit of paint. Cute and incredibly easy #DIY #decor

As I briefly told in my last post I’m currently changing my room a little here and there. I’ve always loved decor and I what I love even more is making stuff for my room myself. Or up-cyckling old things. Make it personal.

So yesterday was the window still – today is my little tree stump.

I’m in love with my tree stump. I love how it brings nature into the house. What is also great about it is, that the stump is from a tree from my old garden. From the house where I grew up. In that way it is a small piece of my old home.

But before I thought it quite boring:

Up-cyckle an old tree stump with just a little bit of paint. Cute and incredibly easy #DIY #decor

Yep – boring.

So I decided to paint it one of my favourite colors; light blue.

It was very easy:

Two layers of basic white

One layer of blue.

That’s it! Easy peasy!

And lok how cute it is now:

Up-cyckle an old tree stump with just a little bit of paint. Cute and incredibly easy #DIY #decor

I do, however, left the other side of the stump as it was before. You know, just in case I get tired of the blue one (;

Have a great day everyone!

Up-cyckle an old tree stump with just a little bit of paint. Cute and incredibly easy #DIY #decor


October 29, 2013

A simple way to add coziness to your home: make a display with candles in all shapes and sizes.

Yesterday we had the most powerful storm in Denmark for ten years. It was insane (read: insane in a Danish perspective, since we hardly ever get anything close to a hurricane). Trees were ripped up from the ground and the police warned people to go outside. The insurance companies will have a lot to look after these days (my mom works at an insurance company, so I’ve heard a lot about it).

Anyways – thought is was incredibly cozy. I love being inside when it is storming and it’s raining cats and dogs.

A simple way to add coziness to your home: make a display with candles in all shapes and sizes.

All in all I had the most cozy day yesterday. I got off from school quite early. Then I biked home, walked the dog, did a little strength training and enjoyed these healthy chocolate cookies and a cup of tea whilst carving pumpkins in the orangerie in the garden. At this point the storm had really begun.

Then it was mine turn making dinner and I decided to make rice porridge with cinnamon, since this is the coziest winter dish in the world (Danes eat it a lot around winter and Christmas and everybody I know loves it).

Stormy autumn day

A simple way to add coziness to your home: make a display with candles in all shapes and sizes.

What is the best thing when it is dark, cold, rainy and windy outside?


I’m currently changing my room a little. Adding some more coziess and colors. My windowstill has been quite messy for a while:



So I cleared it completely and went on a little adventure in the house looking for anything that could be used as candle holders and stuff like that. I ended up with the cute display, which you can see in the pictures in this post.

One of my friends Julie (who possibly loves autumn even more than I do) gave me the idea of adding fallen leaves to a simple candle – doesn’t it look cute?:

Simple fall-ish 5 minute DIY: tie fallen leaves to a simple candle. Super cozy!

A simple way to add coziness to your home: make a display with candles in all shapes and sizes.

As a last thing I have a small tip for pumpkin carving, which I hope can be useful.

Happy autumn everybody!

Pumpkin Carving: When cutting off the top of the pumpkin make either one straight line or one zig-zag line. This makes it easier to put the lid on afterwards.

October 11, 2013

Having trouble recognizing ear pluggers from each other? Simple way to personalize your ear pluggers #DIY

Right now I’m sitting in a car – on the way to the airport. See you soon Marokko!
Oh – I’m so exited.

But I wanted to share this little idea with you before going :)

My mom and I keep mixing up our headphones (yeah – apple only makes one style… Pretty annoying…)
Anyways. Because my mom kept taking mine and I kept taking hers I thought it’d be a good idea making the two pairs recognizable from each other.

Having trouble recognizing ear pluggers from each other? Simple way to personalize your ear pluggers #DIY

I’ve seen a lot of people putting plastic beads on the cord. Pretty good idea actually. Unfortunately I didn’t have any. So instead I did something very simple and easy:

Painted nail polish on them. Just a tiny little bit. Minimalistic and cute. And it doesn’t take too much attention.

Oh – and it only takes 5 minutes including letting the nail polish dry (:

Having trouble recognizing ear pluggers from each other? Simple way to personalize your ear pluggers #DIY

Have a great weekend everyone!

August 19, 2013

This week (and the next weekend in particular) is going to be warm. We’ll have a real Indian summer. Oh, how great! Though I looooove autumn (like a lot) and I actually look forward to the leaves turning golden and the sky grey, I still want it to be summer just a liiiiittle longer. ‘Cause this summer has gone by way too fast. Summer always does doesn’t it?

But well – this Indian summer means a great thing: shorts! 
I love wearing shorts – actually I hate pants. They just don’t look nice on me :( Unfortunately. And shorts make you kinda feel free. Not having to be all packed up. So I figured it’s time for wearing my galaxy shorts, which I made before the summer. Don’t ask me why I haven’t made a post yet. Silly me!

Usually I’d think that all this galaxy-thing isn’t really my style. My style is more cosy – lots of knit, please – with some pastels.

But then Signe (one of my very good ginger-friends) showed me these shorts. And I actually really liked them. She has painted galaxies on the pockets of one of her pair of jeans – very cool actually!

Galaxy shorts are really fun and relatively easy to make. I love how none of them are the same. You can totally decide yourself how you’d like them to look: How many stars, how big galaxies, how much red/ blue/ white etc. You’ll end up with an unique pair of shorts.

DIY Galaxy Shorts

  • An old pair of jean shorts (I used some which once were a pair of jeans)
  • Textile paint (black, white, red, blue)
  • Sponges, toothpicks, toothbrush

1) To make these pants you’d like a little bit of texture on the shorts. So start by making the back ground using some sponges and black paint.
2) Using the sponges paint the galaxies. I started with white twice (maybe more) and then red or blue twice (so 4 layers in total)

3) Make the stars using either a toothpick or a toothbrush. I like to use the toothbrush. Here’s why: the stars will be painted totally randomly and they’ll be in all different sizes. Simply dip the brush in white textile paint, then splash the stars out on the shorts using your finger (put your finger on the brush, bend back the hair and let go)

Repeat on the back and let dry.

Good luck with making your own galaxy shorts!

June 13, 2013
“The rain rain rain came down down down
in rushing, rising rivulets…”
Whinnie the Pooh at its best
That little lovely song really describes today. Nothing but rain, rain and one more time rain. But well, Danish summer just isn’t real without a little a ton of rain. 
But actually I really like rain some times: it’s great running-weather, it makes perfect light for photography and in general it’s just cozy. I love the sound of raindrops on the roof and windows (dying from coziness here).
Last sunday I straightened up my closet. And gosh, how I love it now. It’s way easier to find my clothes (and my OCD likes my closet that way ;) ).
As I said I found a lot of old stuff which I’d like to make into new things. For instance I found an old shirt/ dress which I never use. But I really like the fabric. 
Not very pretty, huh?
One of my friends has the cutest little bucket bag with a silhouette of a town and I have to say, that one very inspired me. 
For my birthday I got some very nice textile paint, and I’ve wanted to use it since I got it. Thank you girls!
A thing I really like about the pillow is that there are buttons on the back. In that way you can still see it once were a shirt :)
The cushion cover is very easy to make:
  1. Find two pieces of fabric which suits your pillow (mine were 40×40 cm)
  2. Make a templet for the silhouette 
    1. I just used ordinary paper, but I think the result would be better if you used some kind of paper which sticks to things.
  3. Pint the silhouette
  4. Sew together the two pieces of fabric. You don’t need the buttons on the back – you can just make an ordinary pillow.
Hope this could give some inspiration :-)
May 11, 2013
I reallt love new clothes – and what I love even more is clothes you can make out of old clothes. That’s just great! As I told in one of my previous posts I have (like every other girl) an ton of clothes which I never use. So I’ve decided to sell a lot of it and repurpose the rest :D Yay! Lovely and “free” clothes which are even eco-freindly.
So, I founf this very old tee shirt which I never use. I love the pattern and colors – dots mint and brown – great combination. But it simply didn’t suit me. Just check out this picture:
I’ve totally obessed with the new trend; scallops. It’s SO cute. I love how the scallops give the clothes a whole new personality but at the same time isn’t domineering at all. Just plain and cute.
So I had to add scallops to my new skirt.
This easy tutorial can be used for any shirt/ tee etc. with an elastic band in the waist. Or you can just add an elastic band yourself :-)

DIY Scalloped Skirt

What you need
  • An old tee/ shirt
  • Scissor
  • Sewing maschine
  • Scallop template
    • Or you can make your own. Tutorial further down.
Start by cutting the “skirt-part” off. I cut just above the elastic band:
Zig zag around the cut won’t fray.
For the next step you need a scallop template. Otherwise the scalloped edge won’t be very pretty. You can make your own by following these easy steps:
I’m currently working on making a printable template for you.

1) Put some sticky notes on the card board or draw a line to make sure the scallops will end up having the same length. Using a glass (or other round object) draw the scallops.
2) Voila!
3) Draw a line parallel to the edge of the card board where you want the scallops to “stop”.
4) Cut out

1) When you have your template place it close to the lower seam of the skirt.
2) Sketch the scallops
3) Cut out
4) Zig zag the edge so the fabric won’t fray.


Isn’t it cute! I really love my new skirt. Bring on summer!

Have a nice weekend everybody!
February 12, 2013

I don’t know bout you, but I always have a lot of jeans I never use. They are either too big, too loose, too short, too high waisted etc. Jeans I never use.

Some weeks ago I came across this blog post on craftgawker. A lovely bag made out of a pair of jeans. Genius! And I even needed a bag in that size. So a couple of days later I sat in my room making a very nice bag for myself. Here is how it turned out: I’m quite satisfied with the result :-)

The bag was very easy to make – and it only took me about an hour.
And as a bonus, I love reusing things. When I once move out I think I’m gonna be one of those who reuse everything, make a lot of stuff myself and buy a lot of organic foods. I really like the thought of doing things which is good for the nature. And this bag is kind of one of those things :-)
Have fun making one yourself!
How to do
Inspired by this bag
  • One pair of jeans
  • Fabric for the linen – about 1 meter (1,1 yard)
  • Siccors, pins, thread in the same color as the jeans
  • Sewing machine
  • A belt (or another thing for handles)
Start by cutting the legs off the jeans. Cut just above the knees,

Cut the seam on the inner thighs open. 

Remove the surplus fabric which usually is as the backsied of the jeans

Pin the loose sides on the jeans together and sew them together so you make a kind of “tube”.

Cut out a square of fabric from the legs of the jeans, which fits in the bottom of the “tube”.

Pin the square to the bottom of the “tube”…

And sew the square onto the tube.

Make the inner bag: cut out 4 pieces of fabric as the size of the sides in the bag (mine was abou 60×20 cm) and one square of fabric for the bottom (minewas approx. 20×20 cm). It might be a good idea to measure the lengths on the bag. 
Pin and sew the pieces together…

… so you have a bag like this.

Now put the inner bag into the jeans-bag and sew them together at the top.
Add a belt for handles.
Finnished! :-)
June 21, 2012

Done with school – whoopee. I haven’t had a lot time for writing or cooking the last couple of days because of my exams. But today I had my last exam. Hurray. It is so wonderful to be done with all the exams. And they have all turned out quite well. I got a 12 today (highest score) in history. Very nice. Actually I also got a 12 in Physics and Chemistry. That’s a very nice way to leave the Danish municipal primary and lower secondary school (I wrote about our school system in this post).

But it is even more wonderful, that I now have time for writing and cooking again (and all of the other thing I like to do ;-) ). I fell over this picture of my homemade candle holders and thought it would be nice to share them with you.

I really love candles – they are so cozy. I made these wonderful candleholders some month ago when it was still cold and grey outside. But candles can definitely be a great thing all year round.

These candle holders are very easy to make and you can make them with things you probably already have on hand. Just pick up some dry sticks in the forest and you are almost ready :-) Cheap and lovely.

What you need
A small glass – or plain candle holder
Branches – dry
Linen cord for the bows

Hot glue (you’ll need quite a lot ;-) )

What you need

How to do

Cut out the branches in the size you want. Measure the candle holder and make the twigs the exactly same size. Use one twig to measure all the others as shown in the picture above.

Use both thick and thin branches and some with knots and small twigs. That’ll make the candle holders “funnier” and the light will be very beautiful.

Done with the cutting

Glue on the branches. Start with the big ones and then add the smaller afterwards to fill in the holes between the branches.

Done – simply add a bow.