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August 4, 2013

Right now we’re on our way home from a perfect week in the summerhouse.

That’s a shame. I wish we could stay there a week 3 weeks more. I mean who wanna leave this:

But though we are leaving the summerhouse it is still summer after all. And summer in Denmark is the best.

We usually laugh and make jokes about the Danish summer. It always rains a lot. But when the sun is up it is just perfect here. Rarely more than 25° (77° F) and always a little windy. I think the Danish summer weather is charming because you never know how it will turn out.  That’s a thing I love about being in Denmark in the summer.

Danish summer means rain, sun and wind. And koldskål! I think koldskål is one of the most Danish foods you can ever have. You can’t even translate it. Directly translated it means cold-bowl. Funny word. So the closest you come to a proper translation is Cold Buttermilk Soup.

To every child and grown up in Denmark thinks summer tastes of koldskål. And koldskål tastes like summer. Those two things are hopelessly connected. 

As is koldskål and kammerjunkere (which you can’t translate either, but it is basically small dry vanilla biscuits). Small crispy biscuits in a cold bowl of koldskål. That’s the best!

But you can also serve koldskål with granola or strawberries or just drink it as it is.

So what is koldskål?

It is basically thick lightly sweetened buttermilk with vanilla and sometimes lemon.

You can get it in many different variations; thick or thin, with and without vanilla, very sweet and less sweet, with and without lemon etc. The variations are endless. Every Dane likes koldskål in a specific way. I like mine thick, not too sweet and with lots of vanilla.

If you have never tried koldskål before you have to! It is great. Happy summer!

Cold Buttermilk Soup a.k.a. Koldskål

A bit more than 1 ltr. / 4 cups

Mix everything together in a big bowl. Whish very well. Eventually add a little more sweetener, lemon juice or vanilla extract depending on your taste.

Transfer to a jug or bottle. Store covered (a bottle with screw top is best) in the fridge.


TIP! Serve with kammerjunkere, granola or berries. 

7 responses to “Cold Buttermilk Soup a.k.a. Koldskål”

  1. This stuff looks amazing!! I wish I could get some buttermilk and make this, but it’s impossible to buy it in Spain :((
    Lovely pictures though xx

  2. Dina says:

    buttermilk soup sounds amazing!

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  4. Hi. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely try this recipe on cold buttermilk soup. :)

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