Sprouted Fig (The Smoothie Lover)
May 7, 2013
Congratulations Alexander!
So Saturday was the big day. My dear brother got confirmed. Yay – such a great day!
A little week ago I wrote about my first day as event photographer and about the tradition about being confirmed in Denmark. It’s always a great day – for the confirmand as well as for the family.
The day and the party went very well and I think Alex really enjoyed it. I did as well. Nice people, nice food and I got to take photos the entire day :D
Couldn’t get any better!
After we had been to church we went to the marina at the lake. When all of the guests had arrived we went on a little sail tour on the lake. It was so nice! And the weather was perfect. Oh, and we brought a ton of food.
Later on at home we had the best dinner ever. We know a chef who’s amazing at cooking. Just look at the appetizer:
Yummy yum!
Unfortunately I’m not as satisfied with the pictures as I am with the pictures I took at the last time i went to a confirmation, but all in all I think they are all ok.
So a big day is over but my gosh we all (especially Alex) now have a lot of great memories!
Thank’s everybody who made this day special!

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