Sprouted Fig (The Smoothie Lover)
July 30, 2013

Right now I am the most wonderful place on earth – our summerhouse.

Our big black summerhouse with the red roof and white windows and doors. A big garden. 30 meter to the ocean. And my grandmother lives just 10 minutes away.

It’s impossible for me not to love this place. I have so many childhood memories from this house. It reminds me of warm summer-days, family time, playing with my cousins, vacations and all things nice.

Being back is perfect!

I also think I like this house because it is one of the only places where I can totally relax. At home always feel like I have something I have to do. It’s not like that in the summerhouse. I know I am here because I have vacation. No home works, no cleaning my room and no time schedule. I can do whatever I want whenever I want. Wake up whenever I want (which is usually relatively early since I’m a morning person), eat whenever I want, run whenever I want, blog whenever I want, walk the do whenever I want, read whenever I want, cook whenever I want.

Ahh… lovely!

So the time in the summerhouse I dedicated to what I love the most. You probably already know what I’m going to say, aren’t you? But here it is ;) Running, cooking, crafting, walkning the dog, photograph, blogging, baking and reading. Haha… my favourite activities.

Oh and most important: Being together with my lovely family.

Yesterday I went for a lovely run. First I ran at the beach (phew – it’s though running in sand) and then further down to the town. I have to say that though I love France the weather in Denmark is way better for running (though it’s actually very hot at the moment). Haha

When I came home I made a little post-run snack. I’ve recently read a lot of articles about how important it is to eat something after a workout.

This snack is perfect for a post-workout snack.

Fast, easy, delicious and filled with proteins.

It’s so easy I won’t even call it a recipe.

Just top 4 tbsp. of cottage cheese with half a tablespoon of maplesyrup and a handful of blueberries.


And have a great summer everyone :D

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