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August 19, 2013

This week (and the next weekend in particular) is going to be warm. We’ll have a real Indian summer. Oh, how great! Though I looooove autumn (like a lot) and I actually look forward to the leaves turning golden and the sky grey, I still want it to be summer just a liiiiittle longer. ‘Cause this summer has gone by way too fast. Summer always does doesn’t it?

But well – this Indian summer means a great thing: shorts! 
I love wearing shorts – actually I hate pants. They just don’t look nice on me :( Unfortunately. And shorts make you kinda feel free. Not having to be all packed up. So I figured it’s time for wearing my galaxy shorts, which I made before the summer. Don’t ask me why I haven’t made a post yet. Silly me!

Usually I’d think that all this galaxy-thing isn’t really my style. My style is more cosy – lots of knit, please – with some pastels.

But then Signe (one of my very good ginger-friends) showed me these shorts. And I actually really liked them. She has painted galaxies on the pockets of one of her pair of jeans – very cool actually!

Galaxy shorts are really fun and relatively easy to make. I love how none of them are the same. You can totally decide yourself how you’d like them to look: How many stars, how big galaxies, how much red/ blue/ white etc. You’ll end up with an unique pair of shorts.

DIY Galaxy Shorts

  • An old pair of jean shorts (I used some which once were a pair of jeans)
  • Textile paint (black, white, red, blue)
  • Sponges, toothpicks, toothbrush

1) To make these pants you’d like a little bit of texture on the shorts. So start by making the back ground using some sponges and black paint.
2) Using the sponges paint the galaxies. I started with white twice (maybe more) and then red or blue twice (so 4 layers in total)

3) Make the stars using either a toothpick or a toothbrush. I like to use the toothbrush. Here’s why: the stars will be painted totally randomly and they’ll be in all different sizes. Simply dip the brush in white textile paint, then splash the stars out on the shorts using your finger (put your finger on the brush, bend back the hair and let go)

Repeat on the back and let dry.

Good luck with making your own galaxy shorts!

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