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May 11, 2013
I reallt love new clothes – and what I love even more is clothes you can make out of old clothes. That’s just great! As I told in one of my previous posts I have (like every other girl) an ton of clothes which I never use. So I’ve decided to sell a lot of it and repurpose the rest :D Yay! Lovely and “free” clothes which are even eco-freindly.
So, I founf this very old tee shirt which I never use. I love the pattern and colors – dots mint and brown – great combination. But it simply didn’t suit me. Just check out this picture:
I’ve totally obessed with the new trend; scallops. It’s SO cute. I love how the scallops give the clothes a whole new personality but at the same time isn’t domineering at all. Just plain and cute.
So I had to add scallops to my new skirt.
This easy tutorial can be used for any shirt/ tee etc. with an elastic band in the waist. Or you can just add an elastic band yourself :-)

DIY Scalloped Skirt

What you need
  • An old tee/ shirt
  • Scissor
  • Sewing maschine
  • Scallop template
    • Or you can make your own. Tutorial further down.
Start by cutting the “skirt-part” off. I cut just above the elastic band:
Zig zag around the cut won’t fray.
For the next step you need a scallop template. Otherwise the scalloped edge won’t be very pretty. You can make your own by following these easy steps:
I’m currently working on making a printable template for you.

1) Put some sticky notes on the card board or draw a line to make sure the scallops will end up having the same length. Using a glass (or other round object) draw the scallops.
2) Voila!
3) Draw a line parallel to the edge of the card board where you want the scallops to “stop”.
4) Cut out

1) When you have your template place it close to the lower seam of the skirt.
2) Sketch the scallops
3) Cut out
4) Zig zag the edge so the fabric won’t fray.


Isn’t it cute! I really love my new skirt. Bring on summer!

Have a nice weekend everybody!

4 responses to “DIY Scalloped Skirt | Repupose an old tee”

  1. Zoe says:

    The skirt looks much better than the top! I read your about me, it’s cool to find another blogger who is my age, everyone is older than me!

    • Josefine says:

      Thank you so much Zoe. Yeah, I didn’t really like the top either. I totally agree with you – everyone’s older. I’ve never found a blog where the writer is my age :) How cool – are you 17 as well? Do you have a blog? :D I’d love to see it then.
      Have a nice day!

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