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July 28, 2013
Second post in the {France’13} series

After leaving Colmar we visited the little town Saint-Romain in Côte-d’Or. My uncle has a house here and we stopped by on our way to Beaucaire where we had rented a house. Saint-Romain is surrounded by fields and fields of vine. Since both my uncle, his girl-friend and my parents love wine we had to go wine tasting. I don’t really like red wine but it was a nice experience anyway. After that we walked to the top of the hill/ mountain close to the city. Up there is a big cross and a stunning view. Perfect!
We had rented a little house just outside Beaucaire, Provence. What a great place! The place is owned by a married couple – Mr and Mme Hilaire – who also have an apricot orchard. It’s situated in the countryside which means it is nice and quiet but still it doesn’t take a lot of town to go to other towns. Also they can only host 3 families at the same time which means it isn’t overcrowded. Actually we barely saw our neighbors.
I’ve been eating so many apricots in the holiday. It all started the day the nice man who owned the place gave us a big basket full of big sweet apricots. God they we’re good.
Apart from eating apricots we also bathed in the pool, went running (but before 9am – otherwise it’s way too hot), made big jigsaw puzzles, read a lot of book and had an amazing dinner…
Sorry for the bad photos. It was very dark when we had dinner.
On Thursday the couple invited us over for an amazing dinner. And when I say amazing I mean it. Apart from apricots the Mr and Mme Hilaire also grow egg plants, zucchinis, tomatoes, salad etc. etc. And everything is organic! Perfect!
Almost everything we got to eat were from their own garden. First we had olive tapenade – HOMEMADE. Yum! The appetizer was something egg-plant with tomato coulis. Gosh it was good! 
Then we had stuffed tomatoes, zucchinis, onions and bell peppers. The meat was so flavorful seasoned with herbs from provence. Never in my life have I eaten such great mince meat. I’m already planning in making something like it (though I know it’s gonna be hard).
Then we had a little assortment of cheese. And well – I just love cheese.
And then came the dessert. And guess what? We didn’t just have 1 – we had 3 small desserts. Melon ice cream, tiramisu and an apricot (of course) tart. Amazing! In that way I could get to taste a lot of different things. That is the best way of having dessert I think.
If you are looking for a nice place to stay close to both Avignon, Nimes and Aix en Provence (1 hour) this place is great. And as a bonus the hosts are incredibly nice and the houses very pretty. Check out their homepage here.
But we didn’t just stay at the house. Of course. Not with all the great experinces just around the corner.

The bigger town Avignon is every July transformed into one big party. The music and theatre festival OFF. Here artists from all over the world set up shows and walk around in the streets. Here are both actors and piano players, dancers and stunt men, painters and clowns etc. One big party. And the city never sleeps. We went there 2 years ago and it was great to be back again. You can easily spend a whole day just walking around the city. If you ever come by – go there. :)

We went to Avignon the 14th of July which the the national day in France. The Frenchmen celebrate the days with a big fire work in the night. It was so pretty! For 20 minutes the sky was totally lit up by red, green and blue fire accompanied by great music. Pretty pretty!

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  1. Aw, glad to know you had a wonderful trip! All that food looks absolutely scrumptious… and so so fresh! I really love the pictures you took, now I am really longing to visit France, it looks like a beautiful country xx

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