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February 14, 2013

What happens when you cross avocado, banana and chocolate?

I tell you – this happens:

Yummy yummy yummy!

Healthy chocolate pudding – and you can’t tell at all.

Some time ago I posted this recipe on healthy chocolate pudding, but this ones uses banana instead of honey, which yields a way bigger portion of pudding – WIN! And I promise – you can’t taste the banana at all. Often I don’t really like it when you use banana as sweetener, if the cake/pudding etc. isn’t supposed to taste of banana. But it’s totally ok in this pudding – you can’t really taste it.

I’ve always loved music. I really don’t know why I’ve never written about in on this blog before. Maybe I’ve just thought it didn’t belonged here. But then I thought hey, why not?

I’m not one of those who knows all the news from the “music-world”. I just really enjoy listening to some great music. I think I have a quite special music taste. I enjoy a lot of different music. But my favorite genres are:

I don’t really like all that crappy main stream dump step, awful Danish ballads or tune-less rap (sorry).
Well, lately I’ve been listening a lot to Ed Sheeran. He’s great. I really like it when the lyrics are very personal and original. And this is why you really should try listening to Tina Dickow. Her songs are very beautiful and thought provoking :-)
Actually I’m listening to Ed Sheeran right now – Small Bomb. I really love the beat :-)
But well, back to the subject of this post:
Yummy yum!
Healthy Chocolate Pudding
Serves 1
  • Half a avocado
  • Half a big ripe banana – or one small
  • 1 tbsp. cocoa powder
  • 1 tbsp. plain yoghurt (this makes it easier for my food processor to make the pudding smooth)
    • Eventually use vegan or omit completely
Place everything in the food processor or blender and blend until completely smooth.
Serve right away. This pudding is best just made since both banana and avocado get quick.

6 responses to “Healthy Chocolate Pudding & what I’m listening to lately”

  1. Marta says:

    Hey! Greay recipe! I’ll definately try it!
    Ps. I LOVE ED SHEERAN! He’s an amazing singer! <3

  2. Nicole says:

    Your pudding recipe looks fantastic! Also, the picture of you laughing, taken from a side angle, is so cute. You’ve inspired me to start taking pictures from the side now!
    And about music… when you said you liked quiet and thought provoking songs…how impressive for someone your age! Have you ever heard “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” by Eva Cassidy? You may have heard the song before … but she changed up the traditional melody and it’s almost like an entirely different song. In England when it was played on the radio, people hearing it in their cars literally had to pull over to the side of the road and cry! And the radio switchboard was jammed with callers. Eva Cassidy sang another song I also really like – “AUTUMN LEAVES.” You’ll have to check both of these songs out. She came up with her own unique arrangement for both of them.

  3. Shipra says:

    This is so quick & simple to make. Loved your recipe !!

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