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June 30, 2015

(noun.) That time of the year where a lot of young people seem thoroughly relieved, people in white hats can be seen on every corner, strangers congratulate each other and open trucks decorated with flags, balloons and beech branches packed with dancing, smiling teenagers are a completely normal sight.

(see also) Graduation Time

direct translation: HAT TIME!



Sorry for the silence – the last one and a half week has been amazingly busy. Yep, I just graduated high school. And what a time! My last two exams – oral math and oral Danish – were very close to each other so I’ve been working my butt off the last week of the reading period. It was tough, but it payed off, and the last week has been nothing but celebrations and happy times.


There are so many lovely traditions when it comes to Danish graduation. And since I haven’t been able to cook up a new recipe, I thought I’d share some, because I love them all.

– You are not allowed to wear the hat before the last exam is over – but after that you almost don’t take it off for two weeks.

– You write and cut all different sorts of things and shapes in the hat according to what you do wearing it – seriously, there is like a million “hat rules”, and I love all of them.

– You have a final dinner with the teachers – we dance the traditional prom dance for the last time

– Most important: The party wagon tour, where you drive around in a big open truck and visit all of the homes and families of you “home-class” (I think it resembles “home room”). The best experience ever! What a tour!

– If you get an A in your last exam you have to run behind the wagon to the first stop. Our last exam was oral math, my home-class’ main subject – hence the picture above.


And now it is time for all the graduation parties and hanging around with friends. Thank God for summer vacation!

I’ll be back soon!




Photo: Birkerød Gymnasium


Photo: Birkerød Gymnasium


12 responses to “huetid”

  1. Awwww… love love love! Congratulations :)

  2. Anna says:

    awww you all look so cute with that hat!! Congratulations girl :) now it’s time to enoy a well deserved sumer!!


  3. Mrs Singh says:

    Hi, Don’t really know personally just through your website.Loved your Graduation photos…Congrats, Congrats..great achievement!!
    Reminds me of my two kids graduations many years ago
    Regards from Malaysia, Mrs Singh

  4. Love that hat!!!! And love all those danish traditions! Graduation time is such a fun one, enjoy it! And CONGRATULATIONS! So happy for you!!!

  5. Katherine says:

    We don’t do this in Texas, and I wish we did! It seems like so much fun! Danish traditions are seriously so cool. Our hats are very flat and unflattering :-) Congrats on graduating! I can’t wait to hear all about what you do! Also- you look absolutely gorgeous in your hat!!

    • Thank you – it’s really a lovely tradition. I bet you have some awesome traditions too. The one about throwing your hat up in the air (I don’t know if this is a tradition in all the states, but it is at a school I visited in Massachusetts…) sounds amazing.
      Nooo – I love the American graduation hats. But yes I do love our hats too. It’s funny – it’s not a very pretty hat, but it fits everone. No exceptions.
      Congrats on graduating too! Hope you’ve had a lovely time.

  6. Congratulations Josefine! Your hats look so different from ours but I like them! It’s so nice to see some pictures from your graduation and I hope you’ll have a great summer! <3

  7. Anne says:

    Hahahaaaa read the comment above about throwing hats -I’m pretty sure it’s true, but I’m not sure since I haven’t graduated yet! :DDD
    Love love love reading all these traditions!!!! And those photos are absolutely gorgeous, oh and did I mention CONGRATULATIONS??!!!!:D
    Oh one fun tradition that happens at my school every year (but a bit unrelated to graduation) is the senior prank. The people in their last year of high school plan out a prank and execute it at the end of the year when no one expects it… Of course, this can get a bit iffy, but it’s usually pretty hilarious -last year they wrapped string all around the first floor of the school so it was like walking into a big spider web.
    Anywho, if you don’t mind the question, do you know what you’re doing after this? I mean, since you’ve graduated and everything :DDDD

    • HAha, oops what that a silly statement? Haha, I just love that tradition.
      Oh what a lovely tradition. Sounds like so much fun. We have a tradition which is a bit like it. We get to make 5 “rules” or “quests” the juniors have to accomplish in order to get the “licence” to make quests for the new juniors next year. It is always something completely silly like they all have to wear sandals and socks for an entire day, or throw a “children birthday party” with cake and balloons and lemonade and everything for the seniors. Pretty funny actually :)

      No I definitely don’t mind that question at all! Thanks for asking :)
      I don’t know what I am going to study yet. I’m kind of cursed – I am interested in too many things. But maybe biology. Or something math. But I also love writing – so journalism has also been an idea for quite a while. I just wish you could study holistic health in Denmark – then I would definitely choose that.
      In the meantime… It is very common to take a gap year or two in Denmark. It sounds lazy but it really isn’t. People use it for all sorts of stuff – and to become ready for studying. I am going to work as a substitute teacher and then later to to what we call a “folk high school”. I plan to make a post about this very very Danish thing. But it is basically a kind of boarding school where you live for half a year and study things you can’t study in high school – sports and creative things. And you learn a lot about yourself and get to know a ton of other people.
      Sorry for the long answer!
      Thanks for a lovely comment

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