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April 27, 2013

One of my biggest dreams at the moment: Becoming good event photographer

Or just a good every-day-photograher. I find it so amazing how some people can catch a moment perfectly in a picture. How they manage to keep the moment forever.

I’ve always thought it’s so important to take photos of your life. It makes you remember everything way clearer. And so I started practicing.
I bring my camera everywhere, knowing that if I don’t I’ll always regret it. And yesterday I brought it as well…

In Denmark it’s a tradition that almost every child who’s christened are confirmed around the age of 14/15. Of course you can choose whether or not you want to. It’s always a big day for the family and the the confirmand. In most cases probably not because of the religious courses but because the confirmation shows that you’re growing up and can make choices by yourself.

It’s already two years since I got confirmed but in one week it’s my brother’s turn.
I can’t wait. We’re planning a big party at our house and I’m going to take photos all day long.

But I was talking about yesterday… Yesterday one of our good friends got confirmed and therefore we went to his confirmation-party. And guess what? I got the honour to sit next to the confirmand. Wow. I’m so happy.
And one more great thing about the day: I immediately seized the opportunity to photograph. Yes – what else? So yesterday was kind of a warm up/ practicing for my brothers confirmation next weekend.

I’m sorry that these pictures are only pictures of food, but I don’t know how people feel about pictures of them on the internet, so I’m not going to post any with people on them

I’m actually quite content with the pictures from yesterday. I got the cutest picture of some of the smaller girls in their pretty little dresses, a great one of the father making a speech, the smaller children playing “christmas three” around the uncle while he held his speech, the older children (including me) making silly things and the confirmand opening his presents.

Of course they are not perfect but ok I think. At my confirmation a good friend of ours took a ton of amazing photos. He’s definitely one of my idols – he’s so amazing at photography. I wanna be like him :)

But to get there I need to practice. Here’s what I learned from yesterday:

  1. Always have your camera on hand
  • Don’t be shy
  • Try to catch the small things
  • Don’t forget the food
  • … or the presents
  • Make sure you place yourself in a strategic place
  • I hope these tips can be useful for any of you. Looking forward to sharing some (hopefully) great pictures from my brothers confirmation with you!

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