Sprouted Fig (The Smoothie Lover)
May 31, 2013

I often wonder why I decided to call my blog “The Smoothie Lover”. I mean, I really do love smoothies. They are the best! But take a look at my blog. I haven’t really got that many recipes on smoothies. I often make a smoothie when I come home from school or before ballet and I really don’t know why I never put the recipe on the blog. Silly me :) But well, my blog can be called The Smoothie Lover even though there aren’t many recipes on smoothies can’t it? I still loooooove smoothies. So that’s my conclusion; I love smoothies and therefore my blog can have the name it has :D Haha

But anyways… Yesterday I decided to make a smoothie AND take photos of it. What I really like about smoothies is that you can make it in so many different ways. I like to experiment and mix all kinds of food, vegetables and even sometimes herbs (but for God’s sake use fresh). Of course those experiments often end up very badly (which is why I made two smoothies yesterday before finally ending up with a smoothie which you could actually eat) but often they turn out just great! As this one.

I’m currently making a big history assignment so I’m not in school. I have a great love/ hate relationship with such assignments. At one point I love them because you have to work independent without someone telling you what to do. On the other hand I hate them. Writing about the same subject a week in a row really can be exhausting and boring. But yet I’m not that bored. I just want to be done as soon as possible. Which is why I’ll end this post here (well technically I’ll end the post after the recipe ;) ) and go back to writing.

Have a nice day everyone!

Peach Mint Smoothie

Serves 1
  • 1 big or 2 small peaches
  • 1/2 frozen banana (you can use fresh – just add in some ice cubes)
  • 1 dl (a bit less than 1/2 cup) nonfat plain yoghurt
  • 1 big stalk of fresh mint (yep – the stalk is where the flavor is)
Toss everything into a blender and blend until smooth. Serve right away with a mint leaf in the top.

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