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February 12, 2013

I don’t know bout you, but I always have a lot of jeans I never use. They are either too big, too loose, too short, too high waisted etc. Jeans I never use.

Some weeks ago I came across this blog post on craftgawker. A lovely bag made out of a pair of jeans. Genius! And I even needed a bag in that size. So a couple of days later I sat in my room making a very nice bag for myself. Here is how it turned out: I’m quite satisfied with the result :-)

The bag was very easy to make – and it only took me about an hour.
And as a bonus, I love reusing things. When I once move out I think I’m gonna be one of those who reuse everything, make a lot of stuff myself and buy a lot of organic foods. I really like the thought of doing things which is good for the nature. And this bag is kind of one of those things :-)
Have fun making one yourself!
How to do
Inspired by this bag
  • One pair of jeans
  • Fabric for the linen – about 1 meter (1,1 yard)
  • Siccors, pins, thread in the same color as the jeans
  • Sewing machine
  • A belt (or another thing for handles)
Start by cutting the legs off the jeans. Cut just above the knees,

Cut the seam on the inner thighs open. 

Remove the surplus fabric which usually is as the backsied of the jeans

Pin the loose sides on the jeans together and sew them together so you make a kind of “tube”.

Cut out a square of fabric from the legs of the jeans, which fits in the bottom of the “tube”.

Pin the square to the bottom of the “tube”…

And sew the square onto the tube.

Make the inner bag: cut out 4 pieces of fabric as the size of the sides in the bag (mine was abou 60×20 cm) and one square of fabric for the bottom (minewas approx. 20×20 cm). It might be a good idea to measure the lengths on the bag. 
Pin and sew the pieces together…

… so you have a bag like this.

Now put the inner bag into the jeans-bag and sew them together at the top.
Add a belt for handles.
Finnished! :-)

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