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February 26, 2014

Quinoa Granola with dried figs and almonds || The Smoothie Lover

I know, I know. Granola again. Sorry I couldn’t help it. The thing is that I’ve become completely obsessed with quinoa and want to add it to everything. So why not have it for breakfast as well? My absolute favourite meal of the day! It turned out just great. I even dare say it is my favourite recipe on granola so far. Well, this one and probably also my recipe on grain free granola.

Granola is super healthy and very filling due to the high protein content. Additionally it is very low in cholesterol.

Quinoa Granola with dried figs and almonds || The Smoothie Lover Quinoa Granola with dried figs and almonds || The Smoothie Lover

On a totally other note: I ran my first half marathon!!!

Yay! I’m so happy. And it went just fine. My dad and I ran around the lake last Saturday, which was funny because I’ve biked around it hundreds of times but I’ve never walked or run. The spring is here so the weather was nice and we even got a little bit of sun. And now I’m proud to say I can run a half marathon (:

Quinoa Granola with dried figs and almonds || The Smoothie Lover Quinoa Granola with dried figs and almonds || The Smoothie Lover 2

For this recipe I did get a little inspiration from Gimme Some Oven.

Quinoa Granola



Preheat oven to 175°C / 350°F.

Rinse the quinoa in a fine strainer. Tranfer to a big bowl. Add in the oats. Chop the almonds roughly and add them to the bowl.

Melt the coconut oil together with olive oil and honey on a pan. Pour over the oat-quinoa-almond mix and stir very well.

Spread the mixture out on a baking sheet with non-stick paper and bake for approx. 25 minutes stirring from time to time to make sure the edges don’t burn.

Let cool. Cut the figs into smaller pieces and mix into the granola. Store in an airtight container.




* My mom said she’s prefer it a little sweeter than this.

20 responses to “Quinoa Granola”

  1. trisha says:

    looks absolutely perfect and so healthy! x

  2. I love using quinoa in everything at the moment too! Quinoa granola is great, I love the extra crunch it gives! And congrats on running your first half marathon, that is very impressive! :)

  3. I love quinoa granola, and the new background is so cute in these photos! Congrats on running your first marathon.. :)

  4. caileejoy says:

    This looks amazing!! Don’t feel bad about posting granola recipes!!! I’m sure yours are a big hit!!

  5. Congrats on running your first half marathon! I’ve done two 5K races and would love to work up to a half marathon.
    I love granola, so you could a week of granola posts and I’d be happy. :)
    I never thought to add quinoa to it…brilliant and definitely a must-try!

  6. Congrats on the half-marathon darling!! I’m incredibly happy for you – I knew you could do it :–)
    This granola looks amazing and your shots for this one are beyond gorgeous. Let me pin this 50 times ;–)

  7. Seriously every photo you take gets more and more stunning! And the granola looks delicious :) I just want to live in your kitchen!

  8. Looks delicious, Josefine! Super healthy and delicious- that’s a recipe I must give a go! :) Have a great weekend!

  9. Roberta says:

    I am trying the avocado cookies on a recommendation from a coworker who tried them and was surprised ipon how good they are. Being a fan of sweet after I eat, these will keep me on track, so to speak.
    Btw, I am a runner (not as much these days) but congratulations on the half marathon. It truly is a great accomplishment. I ran four before I took the crazy plunge to do a full marathon. Training is grueling some days but I am proud to say its off my “bucket list”. Keep up the great work here and on the paths life takes you

  10. JJ says:

    Wanted to let you know this is burned beyond edible after about 15 minutes! So sad.

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