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August 30, 2012

Salt. Water. Flour. Yeast.

That’s all you need for making the best bread in the world.

Couldn’t be easier.

The bakery in our town began to make a fantastic loaf some months ago. They named it “The Best Bread in the World”. Of course I had to see what there was in it, so once my father and I went down the bakery I sneaked to the counter and checked the little sign in front of the loaves.

“World’s Best Bread – water, flour, salt, yeast” That was all it said.

(Of course they forgot to mention they have a big stone-oven which makes the loaves taste amazing and gives them the best crust ever, but never mind…)

Some days ago my dad made a loaf exactly like the one down the bakery – and it was soooo good.

It was actually inspired a lot by Jim Lahey’s “Perfect Bread”.

Nice crispy crust with a lovely moist crumb with a flavor that just pops… Uhmmm.

The secret?

A long time for rising (aka. a minimum of yeast) and baked in a big iron pot. (Or any other oven-proof pot)

My dad told me why it turned out so good:

Using a minimum of yeast and allowing the bread to rise for a long time, allows the taste of grain to improve a lot. And yes – this bread taste a lot of grain and real flour.

Well, actually I just realized my dad actually makes a lot of great bakery. Check out the lovely buns.

Best part of this bread? Even though it have to rise for quite a long time you only have to work in the kitchen for about 15 minutes or so.

The Best Bread in the World
1 big loaf

2 g. yeast (2 small balls each the size of a pea) or 2g. dry yeast
600 g. water
800 g. flour
8 g. salt

How to do
In a bowl dissolve the yeast in the water. Add salt and flour – don’t knead, just stir in for about half a minute (the dough turns out quite wet – don’t add more flour, since the bread might turn out dry then).

Wrap the bowl in cling film/ plastic wrap and let the dough rise for 12 – 18 hours.

Preheat the oven to 250 degrees C (485 F) with the iron cast pot with a lid on, in the oven

The pot has to be 250 degrees as well as the oven before baking
(well you don’t have to use a thermometer or something – just remember to heat the pot at the same time as you heat the oven ;-) )

Poor the dough out on a table covered with flour. Fold it a couple of times and place in the oven proof iron cast pot dusted with flour.
Bake for 30 minutes under the lid, then take of the lid and turn down the heat to 220 degrees C (428 F) for another 15 minutes.

Let it cool down and enjoy “the best bread in the world”

NOTE: Eventually replace 1/4 of the flour with whole-wheat (or other whole grain) flour.

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  1. Trollivier says:

    Wow I’am impress by the crust! I will try it next weekend!

    You have a realy nice blog! I like it!

  2. Trollivier says:

    I did it today! the crust is not as pretty as your’s, but it taste realy good! I will do this bread again and again! Thanks!

  3. Trollivier says:


    My bread recipe is from The Tipsy Baker’s Book, it is in english so you can read it! Of course I made changes (I add a little bit of honey and butter in the dough), but the technique is the same. This is her blog :


    See you soon!

  4. Valentina says:

    Thank you ver much for this delcious recipe…. I m testng thg result whilg writin to you! Have a nice wh

  5. Hi Josefine

    I came across your website and really love
    to try baking the best bread in the world
    which was featured. May I know if it is compulsory to own the cast iron pot. I live in Singapore and do not know where to get one. Is it very expensive to buy one?
    Would appreciate a reply. Thank you and God bless.

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