Sprouted Fig (The Smoothie Lover)
June 30, 2012

So right now, I’m on a vacation in THE STATES :-) Whoopee. It is so nice finally to be here. I’ve read so much about the states and your (their) culture and seen so many pictures, and finally I’m here. And I have to say it is amazing. We arrived yesterday around 2 pm, so we’ve only been here for a bit more than a day, and I’m already crazy about this (yours) country.

Here just some few pictures from New York:

The inland ice on Greenland

Times Square

Happy Birthday daddy! He turns 50 today, and we are celebrating that here in New York
Lucky him! I would love to spend my birthday in NY :-) So nice

Statue of Liberty – wow, I can’t believe I’ve seen her! Amazing!

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