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August 14, 2013

It isn’t hard to know school is started again. Straight from the shoulder! First lesson? Chemistry – redox reactions. No welcome from the principal or anything. BAM! Ok, we’re back again.
And the homework? Tons of it already. Phew…

In addition to the school I have so many plans this week. Seeing a lot of friends, welcome all of the new student friday in the park, birthday for a friend etc. etc. And on top of it I’d like to get to run and cook. Unfortunately I haven’t had very much time for the last part :(

But well – there’s always time for a little salad.

Especially when it is as simple and this one.

Simple yes – but still oh so good!

A very few ingredients but it’s still one of the best salads I’ve had in a long time.

My (almost) favorite vegetable tomato, the creamy and healthy avocado, delicious small balls of mozerella and the flavorful basil.

What’s not to love?

Tomato Avocado Mozzerella Salad

Serves 4 (side dish)
  • 400 g. cherry tomatoes
  • 125 g. small mozzarella balls
  • 2 big avocados
  • 1 big handful fresh basil
  • Lemon juice
Halve the tomatoes, cut the avocados into cubes and chop the basil coarsely.
Mix everything together and sprinkle with lemon juice.
Serve and enjoy!
(I don’t even know if you can call this a recipe. It’s almost too easy)

2 responses to “Tomato Avocado Mozzrella Salad & Back to School”

  1. Can you believe I’m missing chemistry lessons though?? Summer here is really really long, because we have like 14 weeks of summer holidays and I always end up so bored :((
    I’m so pinning this so I can make it when I’m back to school too. It’s going to be my last year there, so I’ll probably have loads of homework and no time to cook or run, so salad recipes will be really helpful!
    Looks lovely! c:

    • Josefine says:

      14 weeks of vacation? :O Wow – we only have 6 and a half. Haha, one of my friends saw your comment, and she was like “14 weeks!? that’s insane”. But well, I can imagine getting to miss school a little when it is that long.
      Anyway – I hope you are having a great holiday! I’m glad it’s that long – in that way I get to read a lot of healthy recipes from your blog :D

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