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November 9, 2013

Iy is way too long since I last made a post like this. And I really miss making them. This post will be slightly different from the others since I’m just picking out some high lights from October, and not making a post about the week that went by. I hope you enjoy!


1. Some thoughts on food.

Ever since we made the experiment in school, where we all should go on different diets for  two days I’ve been thinking a lot about quitting the “empty carbohydrates”. Or maybe just start eating gluten free. I already almost never eat pasta, rice or potatoes (I actually never eat potatoes). However, I often have a sandwich for lunch. I will not quit it completely though. I believe you should allow yourself to eat everything from time to time. But just for the weekdays I think it’ll be a good idea. Oh, but oatmeal doesn’t count to me.

Photo 03-11-13 21.13.17 kopi

2. Last Sunday I went to a concert with Passenger!!! Yaaay! Best. Concert. Ever! I’m a huge fan of Passenger and seeing him live was the most amazing thing ever. I went with two of my great friends, Karen and Signe, who are both big fans as well.

Passenger is amazing live. He really meets the audience, he tells a lot of stories about the songs which you’d never know, he is very funny and slightly awkward on stage and last but not least; his songs are AMAZING! Oh, and we got to stand in the second row, 3 meters from him. Wow! I’m still completely in ecstasy over the concert.

Photo 09-11-13 09.16.47

3. Tonight is the prom at my high school. Looking so much forward to it! The theme this year is The Great Gatsby, so we are all gonna wear clothes like they did in the twenties. I drawer my outfit yesterday in math (I was bored). A white loose dress, a necklace with like 20 layers and my hair is going into a loose bun at the side of my neck.


4. Loving the spices we bought on Morocco! Take a look at the paprika in the top of the picture. Isn’t it pretty? Way more red than the paprika we can buy at home.

breakfast bowl

5. I love big breakfast yoghurt bowls. Just top some yoghurt with what you have in the pantry and – voiala! – delicious breakfast.

6. Sweet Cailee from Hello Healthy Eating has nominated me for the Sunshine Award. Isn’t it amazing? The award is a way of connecting with other bloggers, and I’m going to nominate 10 other bloggers. I’ll do that soon.


7. I don’t think I got to show you the actual result of my pumping carving. Well, here it is. Sorry for the bad picture.


8. Enjoying the last bit of the fall. One of my good friends, Josefine, turn 18 this month (which is like turning 21 in the states), so she threw a party. In that occasion three of my great friends and I made a sleep over (after the party) and the following morning we went for a lovely walk in the forrest. (And we had pain ou chocolat – not exactly healthy, but sometime you got to treat yourself)

Have a great weekend everyone!

5 responses to “{What’s Going On?}, October-ish”

  1. caileejoy says:

    Oh my goodness Josefine! Such a lovely post! I absolutely love reading your blog! Very inspired by all of your healthy choices! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  2. Leigha says:

    What a fun month! Have an amazing time at prom!! That’s weird that yours has a theme- mine you just wear a really pretty dress! Happy birthday to Josefine!

  3. I love your dress for prom looks amazing; and gosh that paprika is so bright :)

  4. consuelohoneyandfigs says:

    Oh wow, your October sounds amazing! The concert, the prom (lovely theme by the way! we don’t even have a prom here uh), the sleepover, pain au chocolat (yum) and the lovely paprika… everything is wonderful *-*

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