Sprouted Fig (The Smoothie Lover)
September 8, 2013

Bam – and it is Sunday again. Wow this week passed so fast. And I’ve only managed to make one blogpost since the last {What’s Going On?}. That’s a pity. I love writing my blog :( Anyway – let’s get to the post

1. I signed up for the Seasonal Challenge {September} over at Honey & Figs. So exited! I’ve always wanted to participate in such challenges, but for some reasons I’ve never joined one. I’m very glad I did this time. It is gonna be so much fun! One thing though: You should share your recipes between the 17th and 28th of September, and since I’m not returning home from Boston until the 22nd I wont be able to post before that date. Just wanted you to know the reason.

2. Talking about Boston… I can’t believe it! We’re gonna fly in two days. Yaaaaaay! Just the thought makes me incredibly happy. I really hope I can blog from over there. Just some pictures and stuff. Otherwise I’m quite sure I’ll be able to post on Instagram – so jump over to that page if you want to.

3. I’ve been so bad at taking pictures this week. But that is certainly gonna change the two weeks. I go crazy shooting pictures when I’m out traveling.

4. Berries! They are everywhere. Look at those big raspberries from the garden.

5. Yesteday one of my friends from school throw a party for the class. I’m not gonna blabbing about it. I just had to write it down, because I don’t want to forget how much fun I had with my friends. I have the best classmates you can ever have :)

6. This savory tomato crisp looks so good. I love crisps and I love tomatoes. A combination? I’m in!

7. I’ve gotten my old obsession for muesli back. Recently I’ve been very keen on granola but now I’m back to the good old oatmeal-nuts-berry ones

8. My pulled muscle is already getting better. I actually went for a run today (unfortunately I did not make it as far as I usually do, but it means I can soon run as I want to again)

Have a great new week everybody!

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  1. Don’t worry about the seasonal challenge, girl! You can post the recipes whenever you feel like too. And remember to have a lot of fun in Boston, aw I’m so happy for you: that sounds such a wonderful trip!! You’re leaving tomorrow, aren’t you?? How exciting!! Keep the pictures coming, I’d love to see them. Your photography is always so nice :D
    And I’m glad to know that your muscle is now getting better. I hope you’re able to run long distances soon again ;-)
    Have a nice & safe trip! x

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